About Us

To make an impression on your customers, sometimes you only get one chance to do it right. For this reason, it is so important that the company you hire to develop and execute your marketing plan be equipped with the necessary expertise and proven track record to deliver a message that’s going to get the public’s attention the first time, and that is capable of driving sales. At 95 Real Media, we believe our entire repertoire of marketing services are key to getting your company recognized within the international marketplace that, in turn, can build your revenue.

Get and hold your customer’s attention

In today’s current marketplace, getting a consumer’s attention comes at a premium. Not only is their attention span short, but there’s always competition for it. Fortunately, at 95 Real Media, we are not only staffed by marketers but also all the other necessary experts like graphic artists, web designers, and writers that are so critical to making your message as effective as it can be. We offer an extensive list of online and offline marketing options, including:

  • Data Analytics
  • Data Mining
  • Direct Response Mailings
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Creation
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Internal Development
  • Social Media Marketing/Retargeting

Great results start with great employees

Our talented employees come to us from the most prestigious schools, and most well-known companies. They bring with them impressive portfolios of their professional work, much of which has been elemental in a number of large corporate conglomerates attaining further notoriety for their products or services. They have the necessary expertise to grow your business the same way they did the large corporations they worked for with much larger budgets.

What’s more, our staff is not just skilled in marketing products in one industry or another. Instead, we have specialized business consultants we work with across a number of industries, including manufacturing, technology, education, logistics/distribution, expansion, and financial services. And it doesn’t stop there. We have employees scattered around the globe in or around just about every single major metropolitan area in the world.

Diversity in culture, expertise and methods

For us, the distance that exists geographically between our individual employees was all strategically done by design. It not only provide us with a unique type of leverage as it relates to understanding trends and preferences, but we feel it is also critical to succeed in this global marketplace.

Especially given the melting pot aspect of so many country’s populations in this day and age, having multilingual, multicultural employees like ours can be of great help when trying to convey a message that will appeal to a number of different people in a single campaign.

Although it might seem having distance between our employees, or having many different hands in a single project makes it difficult to get anything done, it’s quite the contrary. Once we develop a marketing plan for your business, our marketing managers engage all parties that will work on the project in a joint meeting to discuss it, workflow and timelines, and desired expectations.

The project is assigned in parts via a ticketing system that allows each staff member to do what they do best. After some time, the marketing manager reconvenes the project’s staff, and an ad designer pieces the final ad together for client approval. Our business structure has kept customers coming back year after year, and our employees have been fortunate not to face some of the same negative consequences their peers at other workplaces with distributed workplaces have faced. We must be doing something right.


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