Experienced Strategy

In the two years since 95 Real Media came on the scene, we have constantly worked to grow our repertoire of marketing services. We keep up with our client’s evolving needs, and we seek to gain further awareness of their online brand.

Our marketing arm has grown well beyond our initial focus of being an international buying site that focuses on affiliate marketing and increased web traffic that specifically uses SEM and pay-per-call services. Our full spectrum of services now includes:

  • direct response mailings
  • data analytics
  • social media retargeting
  • other responsive marketing techniques

These services engage the customer, and convert the sale with the highest return on investment possible. To help us accomplish this, it takes a number of employees specializing in a variety of fields and expertise, including:

  • graphic design
  • web development
  • writing
  • marketing
  • data analysis

Professional diversity helps us carry out our mission of being a full-service marketing firm.

Content Writers

We help you attract an interested audience to your website, and we work with you to position your site as an authoritative source of information. Our writers are skilled in many different areas of interest, and can write about virtually anything. In our content, we identify target keywords that enrich your article and increase the visibility of your content and clout within search engine rankings.

Graphic Designers

We have a team of visionary graphic designers that create custom designs to make your company stand out from the competition. They are skilled at building unique, memorable print pieces and graphics with strategically placed calls-to-action that embed more brand awareness.

Data Scientists

At 95 Real Media, we have the data science analysts on staff who conduct predictive analysis, scientific modeling, and optimization. They carry out analytic engagements across a number of verticals. Our highly-trained data scientists bring their years of analysis and consulting expertise to a wide array of industries, including:

  • medical
  • financial services
  • manufacturing
  • telecommunications
  • agriculture
  • utilities
  • transportation/logistics
  • retail segments of the global marketplace

WordPress Experts

While many business owners could navigate through the use of pre-designed templates and install some plug-ins on their WordPress-hosted sites, there are much more daunting challenges that only a skilled WordPress developer can properly address. These issues include challenges that come with designing custom templates, addressing bugs that inherently come with the territory of installing plug-ins, and managing the never-ending list of site updates.

Optimization Specialists

Content marketing refers to the production of quality content that is also useful for SEO and, therefore, drives traffic to your website. Content marketing also helps build your brand and helps create substantive social media marketing campaigns. Our optimization specialists know all the best ways to boost your website’s rank from banner redirecting, affiliate marketing, link building, social media redirecting, meta tags, and more.


Developing a marketing strategy is vital for any business to succeed. Having a market strategy in place is critical to keeping your company on track in meeting its business goals and reaching optimal levels of profitability. Whether you are looking to roll out a fully integrated online marketing program, or you are looking to deploy tactical marketing initiatives like guerilla marketing or a direct response campaign, our marketers can customize the perfect plan for your business.


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