Banner Ad Retargeting

Banner Ad Retargeting

banner-ad-retargetingRetargeting is by far one of the most effective online marketing tools available. Companies that deploy retargeting campaigns have proven to have a much higher return on their investment than those that don’t use it. At 95 Real Media, we can help you deploy an advanced retargeting campaign that increases frequency through banner ad impressions. This means your business can gain increased leads and more sales conversions.

Banner Retargeting is a banner advertising solution that engages potential customers who have previously visited your website. Retargeting banner ads not only can dramatically increase your conversions and sales, they also can increase your company’s brand awareness, product awareness, website traffic, and overall online marketing results.

How Banner Ad Retargeting Works

Banner Ad Retargeting works in conjunction with other advertising channels and mediums to increase the ROI of each of your other marketing channels. Retargeting banner ads work by establishing frequency, or repetition of the ads impression. As you customer surfs the web, they are ‘reminded’ of your company so that it will encourage them to revisit your website.

Another way of understanding how retargeting works is thinking about it as a cookie-based technology that appears to follows your audience all over the internet. Every time a new visitor comes to your site, the retargeting program drops a cookie in their internet search log. Later, when that same visitor browses one of the websites networked with us, it re-engages the potential customer, up to five times a day for a total of 60 days. Retargeting is effective because the visitor to build a comfort with your brand until they are ready to reach out to you.

Your company’s display ads can be seen on a large number of popular websites because of our large reach. We have the ability to reach the majority of internet’s users. What this means for the banner ads we create for you is that they’ll easily obtain the the exposure necessary to increase sales and acquisitions.

Our Banner Ad Services

When we design a banner ad campaign for you, we go beyond designing and deploying a single banner. We instead create multiple ads variations up front. Not only does this allow one to set the ads to alternate, which captures the customer’s attention every time, but it also allows them to be properly tested for effectiveness. To test them, we utilize banner ad split A/B testing to see which banner your target customer base gravitates most towards. We can also set up your retargeting campaign to specifically go after specific demographic groups as well.

And the work doesn’t stop once we’ve created the banner ad redirecting campaign. We also offer a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use tracking platform that is available 24/7 to follow the success of your campaign. We also can provide detailed reports and campaign transparency reports as well. What this means is that you can track the progression of the cookie from first site visit all the way through completed sale.


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