Comprehensive Branding

Comprehensive Branding

comprehensive-brandingThere is no point to having a business if the public doesn’t receive its image well. One way to get your business up and running — successfully — is to ensure that its services are appealing and clearly visible to your target audience. Marketing with this in mind involves several important steps that introduce the brand to the public, and comprehensive branding is one of these crucial steps.

While branding alone can be useful, comprehensive branding is the most effective way to get your business the success it deserves. It involves the establishment of your business name, service, or product into the consciousness of consumers. That is a fancy way of saying – get your name out there.

At 95 Real Media, we know how to develop an effective, comprehensive branding strategy for your business. We combine the key elements of your business that give the public a taste of the true essence of your business.

Why is it important?

If your business is one with competitors, branding is absolutely essential for your economic success. Branding is the missing element that will place your business above the others, making a shared target audience realize that yours is in their best interest.

Comprehensive branding works to establish a unified image for a particular target audience. With a higher perceived value of your product or services, higher prices become more acceptable to the consumer. Or, if you aren’t interested in raising prices, your company can simply achieve a higher number of customers — including customers who are loyal to your brand.

Comprehensive branding is an important aspect of branding because it strives for a unified message for consumers. If a business simply has a collection of various branding images about their singular product or service, consumers may get confused about what the true value in that product is. Comprehensive branding strives to do away with such confusing imagery, and instead creates a consistent, effective message that leaves little doubt in your target audience’s mind about what it’s all about.


With comprehensive branding, it’s all about strategizing. As a business owner, you are already well aware of the necessity of a strong strategy in order to ensure a business’ success. Well, we have some good news for you: we at 95 Real Media are expert strategists. We know exactly how to evoke the emotion of the heart of your company with our comprehensive branding services.

We combine elegance and simplicity to create a polished and effective final product that suits your business perfectly. When strategy, messaging, and design are combined the right way, the brand’s true value is evoked in each of the branding services. With this consistency and thoughtfulness we can ensure that you will be amazed with the success of our comprehensive branding techniques.

Targeting your audience

We work closely with our clients to ensure we have a complete understanding of your target audience. We crave learning about what they desire, what makes them tick, and what entertains them — and we will stop at nothing to find this out. Public engagement is our forté. We know how to tap into our understanding of your target audience in order to open their eyes to the beauty of your business. Each aspect of our comprehensive branding services will reinforce the idea that your business (or product or service) is perfect and desirable for your target audience. When it comes to branding, what more could you want?

What exactly can we do?

Our people at 95 Real Media are experts in comprehensive branding. We offer a variety of services that provide a package en route to the successful establishment of your business in the eye of the consumer. These services include:

  • logo design
  • domain acquisition
  • messaging
  • naming
  • competitive positioning


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