Content Marketing

Content Marketing

content-marketingNo matter which industry you operate within or whether your company is web-based or brick and mortar; when it comes to deploying a marketing strategy, let 95 Real Media show you how content marketing can increase your business. Having a strong content marketing campaign is critical for your businesses’ success. Content marketing refers to producing quality content that is not only useful for SEO for the purposes of driving traffic to your website, but also for brand building and creating substantive social media marketing campaigns.

Although developing and marketing your company’s unique content may seem easy to do, it is not. When you are a business owner focusing on so many different aspects of a business’ operation, sitting down to write something that will engage your customers may not be at the top of your list. You might also be held back from doing so because of:

  • Not knowing what to write on
  • Not knowing how to use your content online
  • Not having time to create content
  • Not feeling comfortable with your writing

Content marketing is much more than simply churning out content. To carry it out effectively, it involves defining a strategy, writing the content, and promoting it. Each of these steps involves making the following considerations:

  • Defining a Strategy – Perhaps most important of all when developing a solid content marketing campaign is researching industry standards, the market for your company’s products, and the target audience for those products or services. In defining a strategy, we will work with you to understand your company or brand, your product line and your company’s unique value proposition.

    Knowing both your company’s strengths and weaknesses can help us empower you to reach your business goals. Once we discuss these facets, we can deploy a strategy that will involve a solid mix of both informational and promotional content. In this case, informational content serves the purpose of educating promoting your company, its brand, and the individual products your produce. When done correctly, it can do a good job of generating leads and promoting sales.

  • Developing Content – One of the most difficult things for a business owner to find time to sit down and do is create content. Our in-house writing staff can take the burden off the shoulders of your employees and provide you with great content to strategically position your company at the forefront of its industry. In creating an information strategy for your website, we work with you to develop content that has a consistent, strong message conveyed throughout, regardless of the platform it’s for. Some of our content creation services include:
    • Press Releases
    • Blog Writing
    • Guest Blogging Submissions
    • Social Media Promotion of Content
  • Content Promotion – At 95 Real Media, we understand that strong content is only as powerful as it is promoted. Its ultimate goal is to direct more traffic to your business’s website. When more traffic gets drawn to a company’s website, it also leads to the creation of more natural links. Earning these links in turn boosts your page’s visibility on the search engines.

    As a component of our content promotion service, we take your specific content and work to distribute it across several mediums. We do this in hopes of reaching more people within your target audience. Some strategies we utilize in promoting your content include:

    • Social bookmarking of your content
    • Placement of content on niche and social networking sites
    • Cross pollination of content


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