Creative Design (Landing Page/Banner) Services

Creative Design (Landing Page/Banner) Services

creative-design-landing-pagebanner-servicesLanding pages are a vital role in any Internet marketing campaign. Not only can they be helpful in generating quality traffic to your website, but they can also be elemental in converting your website’s visitor into the right buyers or customers. Landing pages serve an essential role for your website of promoting your business. Banner designs are also an important aspect of internet marketing. A custom designed banner ad can not only increase click through rates on your website; they can also lead to increased sales as well.

Since a visitor landing on your website does not guarantee that they’ll stick around, sign up for your email list, or make a purchase, giving them a reason to do so should be any businesses’ focus. Most web designers might develop a site, but they do not put much effort into how effective it is at converting sales. This is where 95 Real Media’s creative design services come in. They maximize the online visibility and generate leads that lead to your company’s increased sales.

Our Landing Page Services

When a business owner looks at the visual design and starts to think more about conversions, they need to address landing pages. Your website’s landing page is the first page they see. It is the one where visitors can opt in for your company’s mailing list. It is where you begin to build customer loyalty to your brand.

When visitors are deciding whether to entrust you with their business, their decision can be influenced by factors within the first few seconds of visiting your company’s landing page. Factors that influence how they feel about your landing page include:

  • Your choice of colors or the amount of whitespace
  • Simplicity of page elements and how they are distributed
  • The type call to action used, and where it is located
  • The amount of time it takes to load the page
  • The content on the page

When you’re looking to draw the customer in, you don’t just need a good eye for design and marketing, you also need someone who can do the necessary testing to find out which design is most responsive to your customer’s interests. That is why we perform more A/B tests than the average designer, and we get better conversion rates as well.

Since landing pages also serve as excellent marketing tools in today’s competitive business world, landing pages can be key to a company’s ability to generate quick leads necessary to quickly sell your products and services.

Our Banner Ad Services

Image Ads and Banner Ads also serve as a critical online marketing tool as well. They help your company’s website gets recognized on search engines, in directories, and on social media sites. You’ll also see your brand popping up on pay per click sites, in forums, and even on big online stores’ websites. Banner ads are effective in creating awareness of a cohesive online brand. By just using banner ads alone, a business owner can easily generate thousands of new visitors to their website at a very low cost. Banner ads can be quite an effective online marketing tool that doesn’t eat up a large chunk of your revenue.

95 Real Media’s team of graphic designers, developers and marketers have the necessary expertise and experience to aid you in creating high-quality banners. We can design banners that can be used in conjunction with Google AdWords advertising and other online marketing platforms.


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