Direct Mail Services

Direct Mail Services

direct-mail-servicesWhether you are looking to reach out to your customers via postcards, flyers or letters, direct mail has proven to be a reliable way to promote your business. According to the USPS, 3 out of 4 people say they open and read the direct mail they receive. It is an excellent complement to some form of online marketing, especially when targeting populations that are traditionally not connected online. If you are looking to engage with customers via direct mail, let 95 Real Media help your company reach untapped markets and drive more sales.

95 Real Media can help you create a personalized mailing that targets the right customers. This includes helping you choose the right direct mail format for your message, whether it be a postcard, letter or self-mailer. We can personalize each piece with your individual customers’ names using either a pre-existing list or one that we create specifically in your target demographic. In addition to our design services, we also offer printing, mailing, and list creation services.

Our Direct Mail Services

  • Direct Mail Piece Design – At 95 Real Media, we believe that the better the design, the better results you’ll have. Unlike the online discount mail piece creators, we have a team of graphic designers that can create custom designs – making your company stand out from the competition. They will not only deliver a piece that looks unique; they will also work with you to come up with calls to action that trigger a response.
  • Postcards – Aside from a great design, our postcards feature elements that make your business special. Postcards are an excellent option when you want to announce sales or special offers, invite customers to events, or extend a thank you for your customer’s business. They are printed on executive-quality cardstock for the most professional image.
  • Letters – If you need a more personal way to get in contact with prospective customers, then consider sending a letter. A letter can be more personalized to include a prospective customer’s name, offers plenty of room to convey your messages, and there’s even an opportunity to include coupons, brochures, and other inserts. A direct mailed letter is the perfect option for introducing your business, sharing detailed news and updates, and in giving your fundraising message a professional look. Not only can we work with you on the content, but we can also develop a design that is aligned with your image. This includes different paper types and professional, complementary envelopes.
  • Self-Mailers – When you are trying to reach new customers with information about your business, one of the best ways is with a self-mailer. Self-mailers are an effective marketing tool for introducing your products and services, sharing special promotions, and advertising events and seminars. They are available in a tri-fold or a poster-fold newsletter printed on premium quality stock paper. These handy printouts do not require an envelope to send them.
  • Mailing List Creation – As you are probably aware, a direct mail campaign is only effective if the people you send it to are interested in what you have to offer. We can work with you to tailor your list to your target demographic or geographic region. If you’re a company offering B2B or B2C services, we can develop a targeted address lists of stores within your specific industry. And, if you are looking to target consumers, we can create your ideal list by homeowner or renter, income range, gender, age and other factors.


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