Direct Response Service

Direct Response Service

direct-response-serviceIf you’re in the business of fundraising or direct sales, then you probably already know the importance of acquiring all the qualified leads you can get. These leads don’t always convert, though. Whether a donation or a sale, many industry standards place the response rate of an average advertising campaign at no more than 10%. For organizations big and small, that’s just not enough of a return on their investment to justify executing a campaign.

What if there is a way to ensure much higher success? Let 95 Real Media work with you to design a direct response campaign that will do just that!

When marketing a product or service, there are two main considerations to keep in mind:

  • Your target audience; and
  • How you will get and keep their attention.

Companies have a very small window of time to engage a donor or customer with your message. If a message is not phrased just so, with effective calls-to-action that grab their interest and convert the sale, then you’ve lost what could have otherwise been a landed sale.

How do you know the right wording to use? How do you know where to direct that wording, that will get you the most sales? Our marketing experts can work with you to:

  • Understand your organizational goals;
  • Develop a target market list; and
  • Devise marketing materials that get your donor’s or customer’s interest.

Together, these efforts result in high-yield conversions. Direct response campaigns do not just target specific segments of customers with catchy calls to action. They also include customer service functions, and fulfillment of orders placed, as well. And at 95 Real Media, we have that covered as well!

Our company has both an outsourcing division, and worldwide distribution networks, aimed at making sure your customers are satisfied. This is extremely important in growing one’s customer base, which is largely tied to their ability to generate word-of-mouth buzz among a customer’s or donor’s network.

  • Direct Response Planning – We work with you to determine your company’s institutional or organizational performance goals. We then help you translate your vision into realistic goals, and marketing campaign milestones, that ultimately serve as determiners of your campaign’s success.
  • Target Market List Creation – We then work with you to develop a campaign that is aligned with branding standards, and positions your company’s products and services as an industry leader. This presents you to a receptive audience. We work with you to determine what your target market looks like. With this in mind, we can better assess which distribution channels are most appropriate to target, whether it be direct mail, infomercials, newspapers, online media, or the radio.
  • Campaign Logistics – Reaching out to warm customers is only half of the direct response marketing campaign scenario. The most important part of such a campaign includes:
    • Campaign content development and/or production;
    • Customer service staffing; and
    • Order fulfillment/distribution.

    These additional offerings are essential to create brand loyalty and profitability. And because we’ve been in this market space for so long, we have established channels in place to handle every aspect of the direct response process, including:

    • Logistics of dealing with media outlets;
    • Handling customer acquisition; and
    • Customer service and distribution.
  • Campaign Performance Monitoring – To be profitable, a marketing campaign needs constant monitoring and tweaking for optimal success. That’s why all of our customers have access to an easy-to-use portal which allows them to track their campaign in real-time. Measurements tracked in this portal include:
    • Conversion rates;
    • Average order price; and
    • Response times.

    In seeing how these metrics line up, we can work with you to adjust strategies to ensure your desired results.


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