Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing Services

email-marketing-servicesFor businesses of every size, you need to communicate with customers. In today’s society, where the majority of people are tuned into the internet for everything from school work that communication should occur online. From the simple tasks of making purchases to interacting with social media, the Internet has proven to be the best way to reach people.

Whether you are looking to send a weekly newsletter or a notice about an event or sale, messages sent from 95 Real Media’s reliable, trusted and easy-to-use email marketing platform can produce measurable results. It is also can increase brand loyalty and awareness.

Making sure you emails reach the right audience at the right time with the right message is critical. Email marketing is a cost-effective way to attract business and is also a tool for cross-selling to your current client base. The key to getting an email campaign off the ground is knowing how you are going to deploy it, what it is going to include, and how often you are going to engage your reader base. Monitoring and follow-up on campaigns is also important in continuing to experience high performance and profitability.

Our Email Marketing Consultation Services

By arranging a consultation with us, we can learn more about your company, your target market and their needs so that your campaign has every chance to be a successful one. Some of the things our consultation focuses on in trying to accomplish this include:

  • Sourcing Detailed Lists – Following a consultation, we can integrate your current email contact list with a newly sourced list of warm leads within your target audience you seek. The overwhelming goal of our campaigns is not only to make sure the emails are relevant but also that they get read. We believe that the more targeted the campaign, the better performance (demonstrated by leads and sales).
  • Developing Clear & Concise Messages – For an email campaign to be effective, it needs to be engaging. We work with you to develop catchy subject lines, personalized content, and clear calls to actions that result in sales.
  • Stunningly Designed Messages – When sending an email to a current or prospective client, their reaction is linked to the way it looks just as much how it reads. That is why we place much emphasis in offering you only the most attractively designed emails that capture your reader’s attention and maximize their response.

    We welcome your input on our designs so that they are aligned with your company’s goals. The goal is more customer engagement and conversions, and you are a critical player.

  • Focusing on Conversions – You email should look good, but we also make sure that each of your messages include a clear call to action that guide customers into your sales funnel.

    Once your campaign is set, we support and track it with:

    • Training on using the email platform
    • Campaign management options
    • Email automation solutions
    • Full reports

Tracking Success

A message’s design is only as effective as its ability to be delivered. That is why we have a series of in-house designers to help build your unique, customized campaigns that are specifically coded to have visual appeal in inboxes. We also test across various platforms to ensure your subscribers always receive the messages you send. On top of all that, we offer an easy-to-use design and tracking platform to measure your campaign’s success.

For those already using an email strategy, we offer options to improve your company’s email marketing campaign success. We will look at your current setup, including its aesthetics, lists, deliverability, and the overall strategy for optimization and conversions.


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