Facebook Retargeting Service

Facebook Retargeting Service

facebook-retargeting-servicesWith so many worldwide users, it is no surprise that Facebook is able to lead social media for its ability to create a place where its users can connect with brands, interact, and express themselves. If you are a business owner, you probably understand that there’s no price that can be placed on qualified leads or making a personal connection with you customer. At 95 Real Media, we offer a Facebook Retargeting service to help you do just that.

When we help you implement retargeted Facebook ads as part of your company’s marketing campaign, you can engage with potential customers- with many of them being highly relevant to your markeing goals. Facebook enables a personal connection with these people in a space they trust. Retargeting is based on marketing research that suggests there’s value in a potential customer seeing an ad multiple times before deciding to purchase. It further shows that branding increases incrementally when advertisers include their company’s logo and URL in their banner ads as is the case with retargeted ads. They are, therefore, a great way to reach consumers.

These ads work in the following way:

  • First, a user visits your site but doesn’t make a purchase
  • Second, the user leaves your site and visits other popular websites
  • On the popular site, the ad server recognizes the user and delivers a targeted banner ad
  • The user then clicks on your banner ad returning him/her your website for a possible purchase

Our Facebook Retargeting Services

  • Targeting Potential Customers with In-the-Margin and Newsfeed Ads – Our Facebook display retargeting services engage those who have previously connected with your website or brand. Ads are shown to those who perhaps may have interacted with or even visited your site, but didn’t take the time to purchase a product of membership. Our proprietary technology equips us with the ability to identify users who have also viewed your site, then display targeted ads to them, further developing both brand awareness as well as online authority.

    Unlike other online ads that may target customers with the same ad, regardless of their demographic or interests, our Facebook retargeted ads provide direct targeting uniquely at an individual user. These ads are eye-catching and optimized for Facebook users. They are placed on the right side next to other advertisements.

    In addition to side placement, we also offer the option of placing retargeted ads in your potential customer’s news feed as well. Placing the ad right in the midst of status updates and news stories gives the potential customer an even more natural feel. It also has prime real estate, as it is placed where your customer tends to look for relevant and reliable information.

  • Graphically-Sophisticated Ad Design – Creating retargeted ads reinforces your brand to customers who are already knowledgeable about it. Because they already know you, it is particularly important that retargeted ads be designed to catch attention while also refining your marketing message. They must stand out on your customers’ news feed. Our team of talented marketers and graphic designers work with you to refine messaging for that specific purpose. These made for Facebook ads bring brand recognition and more qualified leads to your site.
  • User Data Firewall For Reliable Targeting – We offer the ability to place retargeted ads using anonymous cookies that do not share or exchange any data. This means higher anonymity for you as the company and a more organic feel for the customer.
  • Transparency and Control – After we help design and deploy your retargeted ads, we then help you in tracking them through our easy-to-use self-service dashboard that tracks campaigns all the way from cookie to conversion. It lets you not only measure click through rates and conversion but also customer acquisition cost as well.


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