Guerilla Marketing

Guerilla Marketing

guerilla-marketingStop and think about how many times you’ve come across either a post on Facebook or Twitter or a video on YouTube where a group suddenly breaks out into a choreographed dance right in the middle of some busy intersection.

If you’ve seen a video like this, you’ve probably noticed that it not only stops traffic, but it gets pedestrians to stop and take notice, and even gets them pulling out their phones to record it to share online on their social media pages. Then when they upload the video, it gets viewed by their friends who then forward it to their friends and so on and so forth. It becomes what is called “viral.”

A New Type of Marketing

What’s been just described is an example of guerilla marketing, a relatively new type of grassroots-style marketing, which is both bold and unconventional. When it comes to marketing a business, most companies look to which option is going to provide them with the best return on their investment. Guerilla marketing does just that.

It’s a type of marketing tactic that’s not easily taught in the textbooks as it doesn’t require the use of specialized analytics and measurement tools to execute its outside-the-box type tactics. Instead, it requires the marketer to have a vivid imagination and a lot of creativity to dream up, plan, and execute effectively. Learning to deliver successful guerilla marketing campaigns is something that only a company like 95 Real Media can execute well. We have the necessary experience to make your campaign a success!

Should You Go, Guerilla?

Guerilla marketing campaigns are favored by many because it’s a marketing technique that can be scaled for businesses of different sizes and budgets, and still get you the results you desire.
Because guerrilla marketing campaigns are seemingly spontaneous and high energy, they are effective at delivering maximum brand impact, while creating the necessary awareness of your brand. This unorthodox approach to marketing appeals on a more personable, memorable level than standard marketing approaches. This makes it the perfect way to establish brand loyalty, especially on social media.

Some common offline types of guerilla marketing campaigns include flash mobs, window displays at stores, stationing big inflatables in high-traffic areas, and chalk art in business districts. Some common online guerilla marketing campaigns include viral videos on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Whether an online or offline campaign, each requires planning, testing, and flawless delivery to get the end-effect of driving new customers to your brand.

Guerilla Marketing Services We Offer

  • Talent Sourcing – For large-scale offline guerilla campaigns like flash mobs, scavenger hunts or PR stunts, they require a significant amount of logistical and other staffing support such as camera operators, choreographers, printers, event coordinators, and permit support. That’s why we have developed one of the largest talent databases for finding just the right people for these unique jobs.
  • Graphic Design & Distribution – Some campaigns just involve plain old door hangers, or mirror clings that get distributed all over a campus, or in every bar’s restroom around town. That’s why we have a team of graphic designers on staff that can create custom designs that allow your company to stand out from the competition. Not only is each piece created to be memorable, but it also features a call to action that creates more brand awareness as well, especially using one of our targeted distribution strategies.
  • Large-Scale Attention-Getters – Sometimes what creates a buzz about something is how much it stands out. That’s why we offer a full line of attention-getters, including:
    • Giant Cushion Inflatables
    • Pennants
    • Event Tents
    • Giant Sized Flags
    • Wind Dancers
    • Searchlights

Each of these methods draws the attention or stimulates the natural curiosity, of passersby.

We can also work with you on creating a viral campaign through social media, whether it be through a YouTube video or your profiles on Twitter or Facebook.


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