Internal Development (Wordpress/Custom) Services

Internal Development (WordPress/Custom) Services

internal-development-wordpresscustom-servicesWhen it comes to making decisions about your company’s web presence, whether it takes the form of a website or blog or combination thereof, companies nowadays look to WordPress as their publishing platform of choice. WordPress allows the business owner the flexibility of having their own custom-made design and offers a variety of plug-ins that can greatly improve the functionality of your site. Then there are regular updates, which aim to keep websites optimized, and compatible with the latest technological advances.

While many business owners could navigate the use of pre-designed templates and install some plug-ins on their WordPress-hosted sites, there are other much more daunting challenges that only a skilled WordPress developer can properly address. These issues include challenges that come with designing custom templates, addressing bugs that inherently come with the territory of installing plug-ins, and managing the never-ending list of site updates. These are issues that, if not addressed, can adversely impact the user experience of a company’s customer.

Fortunately, 95 Real Media offers the necessary services to protect against this. To assist you with your WordPress needs, we offer the following services:

  • Theme Creation – The aesthetics of your website greatly impacts the first impression your company makes. We work with you to create a design featuring your logo and other graphics that are aligned with your company’s image. We make sure your design is compatible with the latest version of WordPress. We also make sure that it is functional across a number of different browsers and access points.
  • Customized Design – Our customization services include all that is necessary to grow your website into what you envisioned it to be. Whether you’re looking for a simple responsive site or a fully-customized application-intensive one, we are able to create the designs that reflect your company’s brand and voice. That expertise includes the installation of the most advanced plug-ins for the highest level of functionality for your site.
  • Site Integration – Migrating the content and design elements from one server or platform to another is easier said than done. Formatting can be thrown off and programming languages might not be compatible with one another, meaning your design can come out completely wrong. If you currently have a web presence on a non-WordPress platform, we can work with you to make your migration a smooth, pain-free success. We also can assist you in migrating your domain, if you’re looking to do that as well.
  • Page Optimization – Having a web presence is only as valuable as the ability to generate the necessary traffic to become visible and widely known. To help increase visitors to your site, we help you install an advanced Ping list as well as robots.txt and sitemap XML files, each of which leads to faster indexing, which in turn helps improve your company’s search engine rankings. We also assist in creating permalinks, which are essential in attracting new visitors to your site.
  • Custom Plug-in and Application Development – Although there are thousands of plug-ins and apps already out there, they might not necessarily meet your company’s specific needs. When pre-existing plug-ins and apps don’t provide the type or degree of functionality you’re looking for, we also offer custom development services. No matter what industry you’re in, our developers are skilled in developing plug-ins and applications that will enhance your web experience.
  • WordPress Training/Consulting – For those new to the WordPress platform, we offer the training services to aid you in not only learning to manage your site but how to publish content to it as well. And, if you prefer to have someone else handle maintenance, bugs, and security concerns, we have technical specialists at your disposal, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our availability cannot be surpassed, and is an expression of our commitment to the highest level of service.


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