Media Buying

Media Buying

media-buyingYou would think that after all the effort you put into planning, designing and creating your advertising, putting it out into the world would be the easy part. However, you can’t buy media the way you buy new shoes at the mall or order something online. It is far more complicated than filling out an order and signing on the dotted line. Good media buying can get you a great deal on thousands of potential leads, but doing it poorly means spending thousands of dollars on something that doesn’t show any return on your investment.

Media buying requires careful research, which can take a lot of time. You need to have a strong understanding of the media landscape in your market. An awareness of which television channels and radio stations are most commonly used by your demographic will help you choose where you buy media. Similarly, you should know which streets get the most traffic in case you decide to buy billboards.

The Price Is Often Negotiable

Knowing the media landscape gives you the upper hand in negotiations. You can use that information to find the best deals whether they are in print, broadcast, or another media. You may think that, due to rate cards, media rates are completely set. However, that is entirely untrue. Like most other things in business, they can be negotiated as long as you come in with all of the necessary information. Many companies fail to get the best price on their media because they do not have time to do the research. You need to know peak times, demographics, and which kinds of programming will surround your advertisements.

Failing to have all of the information means that you don’t have the upper hand. The media company can overcharge you, lessening your profit margin on marketing, when media buys are already the most expensive part of the budget. Advertising can be a great investment, but if it is not in the right place at the right time, it can result in a big drag on your budget without a corresponding benefit. Your price per impression can skyrocket, so you will have to reach even farther and work even harder to achieve your goals.

Information via Research

However, gaining all of this information is not simple. It takes plenty of research, and it is not information that’s available just by Googling. It requires a detailed understanding of statistics and psychology. Plus, the company that you are purchasing media from will always know more about their demographics than you do.

That is why you need a professional media buyer who will work on your behalf, to get you the best deal possible. A media buyer knows all the details of the advertising landscape in your market. They know what kind of return you can expect to get from various advertisements, and what times you should advertise to reach your target audience.

Connecting with the Right People

After you’ve put in the time and effort to create quality advertising, getting it in front of people that matter is the last step to turning all of that hard work into leads and future customers. Ion Buzz’s professional media buyers can take care of that all-important last step. We have detailed knowledge of how to get the best possible deals on media and at the best times.


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