Mobile Advertising

Mobile Advertising

mobile-advertisingNowadays, tablets and smartphones are as common as toothbrushes, and mobile advertising has easily become one of the fastest growing types of digital advertisement in the United States. Consumers can use their phones or tablets to browse the internet, check their emails, respond to texts messages and search for information. Given these behaviors, catering marketing initiatives to the mobile device user population has proven to be the most popular trend in advertising. At 95 Real Media, we have the expertise to create content that’s accessible to mobile users.

We work hard to make sure that your customer’s mobile experience is the optimal conversion funnel for your visitors. We understand how a mobile customer landing on your non-mobile site can be an immediate turnoff. That is why we work hard to mobile-optimize your website, making it less cluttered and easier to find ‘submit’ buttons.

When it comes to analytics and metrics, we treat both desktop and mobile campaigns independently. When we analyze success rates of bid on keywords, we adjust those bids for the mobile campaign according to CPA targets that are independent of your desktop campaign.

Last, we also take into account your company‘s budgetary constraints by responding to your customer‘s immediate needs as an effective way of expanding your customer base for the smallest monetary investment possible.

Our Mobile Marketing Strategy

Our strategies are simple. They involve reaching out to users of smartphones, mobile phones with web browsers, and tablets via sponsored ad placement for your business. When a customer searches for relevant information about your business, we target them with pay-per-click ads to engage them, which in turn results in sales conversions. In a world where everyone is always on the go, browsing the internet away from his or her homes and offices, mobile marketing is a particularly effective way to target today’s affluent, mobile, and technologically-savvy consumer.

Our company helps your company’s mobile marketing initiatives succeed by delivering high user engagement and conversion rates. Our marketing strategy starts by working with you to develop a profile of your preferred target audience. We employ the latest mobile web development strategies including developing designs that are tailored to mobile as well as websites that are responsive to the needs of a mobile user. In doing so, we prioritize creating brand continuity across the different platforms with the desired result being a positive end-user experience across different systems, whether it be a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Our knowledge of the increasingly competitive mobile marketplace is more effective in engaging the end user more than any other prior mediums. Use it with other messaging strategies on different devices and screens – mobile marketing allows for one-on-one interactions not possible with traditional media.

Some of the ways we can target potential customers with relevant mobile ads include:

  • Mobile Search Advertising
  • SMS (text) Advertising
  • Sponsored Pindrops
  • Sponsored Locations (through GPS navigational systems)
  • Local Search

The Value of Google Mobile Marketing Technologies

To help us pull off the most sophisticated marketing campaigns, we rely heavily upon Google Mobile and other Google Tools to offer the most comprehensive of mobile advertising offerings.

This includes capitalizing on:

  • Sponsored search results on Google Mobile for both pay-per-click and pay-per-call functions
  • Ads for mobile apps – specifically, the click-to-download option
  • Ad optimization – making sure every ad contains a headline, a short description and a link to the mobile site or other relevant contact information
  • Specialized mobile keyword research
  • Skilled copywriting
  • Customized banner design
  • Researched ad location and placement – essential for maximum coverage at the most efficient cost


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