Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

search-engine-optimizationBoosting your site’s Google ranking can bring in thousands of potential customers, but it is harder than it might seem at first. You have to worry about link structure, keyword usage, and article organization – all on top of making sure that you have quality content.

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the practice of optimizing your website’s position on popular search engines. It is a high-impact way of increasing your reach, and with so many people using the web to find retailers and services, poor SEO can hurt your business more than you might think. However, using SEO best practices in your copy does not always come naturally.

At 95 Real Media, we know how to make your website stand out, both for search engines and end users. 95 Real Media will:

  • Write headlines and descriptions – When scanning through search results, a viewer only spends a second or two looking at each link before deciding which to click. By writing great headlines and descriptions, we can make sure they understand exactly what your business has to offer at a glance. Plus, Google uses these tools to determine where in the results each site should appear.
  • Create quality content – The web is not brand-new anymore, and people expect websites and the copy within them to be professional. Our writers know how to use correct spelling, grammar, and article structure so that your site is full of truly useful information. Search engines also scan for spelling errors and information that is copied from other sites, and those mistakes can push you farther down the list.
  • Build a strong link structure – One of the great inventions of the internet was the hyperlink and using it well is truly one of the best ways to optimize your website. By linking to respected institutions, you can indicate that your information is valid and respectable. You do not want to overdo linking – too many can seem spammy – but a few well-placed links to reputable websites can do wonders for your reputation and ranking.
  • Do all of this without your readers noticing – One of the easiest ways to push readers away is for your site to sound too much like an advertisement. We’ve all clicked off of a page because it was stuffed with keywords rather than quality information. Your readers are no different, and getting them to your site is only the first step. With 95 Real Media, your search ranking will improve while your content quality also improves – so people stay on your site, rather than quickly leave from it.

Bing reports that the top three listings in their search results get 61 percent of the traffic – with 42 percent of that going to the top listing. When looking for information, people are likely to click on the result presented to them first. This is why a top-ranked search result is so vital.

Search engine optimization is far more cost-effective than other forms of advertising because you do not pay per the number of clicks. The people who see your listing are people who have already sought you out – so your ad is not an annoyance on the side of their screen but instead is exactly what they seek. Taking a second look at your site with SEO in mind can boost your rankings, traffic, and profitability almost immediately.


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