Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising

social-media-advertisingSocial media is quickly starting to dominate the media landscape. People look to it for fun, for entertainment, to catch up with their friends – and if your brand isn’t there, you’re missing out on countless hours of potential attention.

Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram have proven that they’re much more than a passing fad. They’re growing quickly, even ten years after the advent of social media – up 40 percent this year and estimated to reach $14 billion by 2018.

These websites are the vanguard of a new normal. People spend most of their time in front of a computer screen, and even when they are out and about, they have their phones with them. That means that your advertisement can be in their pocket even at a restaurant or waiting at a crosswalk. Social media advertising brings with it an unprecedented level of reach.

There are countless benefits to social media advertising, these are just a few:

  • 1. Increased brand recognition – One of the biggest reasons to advertise is to make sure that people are familiar with your product or service. Social media is just one more channel where you can be visible to your target audience. Seeing your name numerous times in a variety of places means that customers will remember you when they are in need of what you provide. Name recognition might take a long time to build up, but it can provide a steady stream of future customers.
  • 2. Higher trust – When your posts are surrounded by posts from their friends and family, it builds trust. People tend to rate content they see on social media sites as much more trustworthy than the content in television, print, or radio advertising. Most of this is due to the perceived intimacy of the medium.
  • 3. Builds search rankings – Every single thing you post is another thing that can be found on Google or other search engines. That can lead to more inbound traffic, even if people don’t find you by searching your brand name. Search engines have also begun taking social media presence into account in search rankings because strong brands have a strong presence. An active, well-run social media presence indicates that you are a strong brand.
  • 4. More opportunities to convert – Every link you post is a chance to bring customers to your site. Every tweet, picture, or post should include a link to a landing page where they can learn more – and it should be pretty simple for them to figure out where to go to buy your product. Building more links leads to more traffic, and that will increase your sales.
  • 5. It’s much less expensive than traditional advertising – While social media advertising is more expensive now than it was when the medium was in its infancy, it’s still incredibly cheap compared to television ads and billboards. Additionally, with more and more people cutting cable, it may even have a wider reach. It also has low barriers to entry. You can start with a fairly small budget for social media marketing and see how it works, and then ramp up over time. This differs from a traditional ad that you might have to shell out thousands for before even knowing if it will work.

It’s clear that social media advertising is an excellent way to bring attention to your business. It’s efficient and cost-effective, but it’s not as simple as it might seem. There are many tricks of the trade and best practices to ensure that your posts are as effective as possible. You don’t have time to test numerous varieties of ads – bitcoin mixer, you have a business to run. That’s where our services come in. 95 Real Media can run your social media advertising, so you can sit back and watch the leads come rolling in.


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