Social Media Management

Social Media Management

social-media-managementYou probably use social media in your daily life – posting pictures of your family and updates on your achievements. You can post updates quickly, checking in to restaurants on your phone and typing up messages while walking down the street. It is quick and easy, plus it can be done on the spur of the moment. How much harder, then, could it be to manage your business’ social media?

Much more than you might think.

Managing social media for business is far more difficult than for an individual. It is not just about reposting funny memes and sharing vacation photos. It requires the careful drafting of posts, interacting with other users and providing interesting content that will drive people to your website, all while being careful not accidentally commit any gaffes.

The Role of a Social Media Manager

Every day, a social media manager needs to respond to all inbound messages. People who tweet at your brand or write on your Facebook wall are expecting an immediate response. Even more important can be brand mentions. Letting messages sit can result in a bad situation, where a negative conversation about your brand occurs without you being involved.

While monitoring all brand mentions, a social media manager also has to plan upcoming posts. They load an editorial calendar so that you can have a great mix of content that will pull in new leads. Scheduling and drafting social media posts is not something that you do on the spur of a moment for your brand, it requires research and careful planning.

It Is Not Just About Posting

Running your social media is not enough to have a quality presence, however. You also need to be continually monitoring the competition. Following them can help you know what’s going on in your industry, and know what resonates with your audience – since you probably share many potential customers. You should not let your competition determine how you are going to run your social media accounts, but you can learn from them.

A social media manager also needs to track how their social media is doing. Running all of the analytics and auditing your strategy can help you be constantly improving your social media accounts. You can determine which accounts are getting the most attention, and which kinds of posts are drawing in customers. Readjusting your strategy on a regular basis will help you to have the best possible presence on social media.

Running a successful account on social media is not easy. You need to be aware of your brand presence 24/7 because people use social media at all hours of the day. Posts must be accurate, both grammatically and factually, because your competition is eager to jump on errors. You need to recognize the best practices for your industry and track your results.

Finding The Time for Social Media

If that sounds like a full-time job, that is because it is. However, as a small business owner, you do not have time to take it all on yourself. Starting a business is much more than a full-time job – it can take up your days, evenings and weekends. You have to focus on product development, your finances, the rest of your marketing, networking, branding – there isn’t much free time left to worry about Facebook and Twitter.

That is where 95 Real Media comes in. We are able to skillfully manage all aspects of your social media. Our professionals know how to plan social media and track analytics. They know how to monitor all brand mentions and get back to anyone who messages you quickly. We can manage your social media so that you can put your effort into making your business the best that it can be.


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