telemarketingDirect marketing is one of the best possible ways to reach your customers individually. It lets you send a message to them about what your company has to offer them as a unique person. Direct mail is popular, but it is easy to simply throw away unopened. Telemarketing, on the other hand, results in one on one conversations with your potential customers.

However, it can take up a lot of time. Successful telemarketing requires making hundreds, even thousands of calls. Many of the people on your list will not answer your call, or will not want to speak to any of your employees, even if you’ve made a careful list. You need to put in the time to make all of those calls to get to the ones that will be willing to speak with you and learn about your products.

Lead-Generating Phone Calls

For many companies, telemarketing is a great way to reach leads. Your company may likely be one of them. However, especially if you are growing quickly, you probably don’t have time to make all of those calls. Unlike email, you cannot call thousands of people all at once and see who gets back to you. As a small business, you probably also don’t have a large enough staff to tap everyone for a couple days of telemarketing to make it all the way down your list of leads.

Our professional team at 95 Real Media can help you make all of those calls to get the leads that you need. Every call is a potential conversion, and our team knows how to approach each call with a fresh excitement. We will get to know your products so that we understand exactly what you have to offer to consumers. We will learn to share your passion, and care just as much about your business as you do.

When a potential client receives a call, it is easy to tell if the caller is simply reading a script or if they actually care about what they are selling. Our callers care. They know how to hold a friendly conversation that sells your product, without getting distracted by personal topics.

Custom Solutions for Businesses of Any Size

When you do not have an army of telemarketers at your disposal, you may not think it is an advertising method you can take advantage of. However, telemarketing is not just for multinational corporations. You don’t need a staff of thousands to run a successful telemarketing campaign. It is not necessary to have a full-time telemarketing staff that you only call on each time you decide to run a campaign. You can ‘rent’ a team by working with a telemarketing service like 95 Real Media.

In fact, working with a professional telemarketing team has huge advantages over using your own staff. Some people are awkward on the phone, and it requires training – which takes time and money – to teach them how to be friendly and convincing. With a team like ours, you can jump right in. Just share your company’s information with us, and we will use our skills and training to get your message across clearly.

Highly Qualified Leads

We will pass leads onto your website or salespeople who are already excited about what your company can offer to them. Those customers can turn out to be some of the most loyal and profitable that you will have. This is because they’ve been drawn in by a human who has already shared with them the amazing benefits you have to offer.


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